Reasons Live in Fountaingrove Santa Rosa

Set within the hill of Sonoma County, Fountaingrove is an affluent neighborhood that's gaining in popularity and becoming the must-have address for young professionals and growing families. The area boasts a unique combination of convenience, natural beauty, and access to some of the region's top amenities while providing a peaceful living environment for those who reside here. 

If you're considering a move to Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa here are the top eight reasons why it's one of the best places to live in Santa Rosa in 2022.

Living in Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa

When you think of Santa Rosa the first thing that may come to mind is the lovely scenery and vineyards. But Fountaingrove is a hidden gem that provides the best of both worlds: convenience and natural beauty. The well-balanced lifestyle that is available to the residents of the area is one of the main reasons why so many not only choose to live here but stay for the long haul.

Being located in the heart of Sonoma County, Fountaingrove is within easy reach of some of the best restaurants and shopping hotspots in the area. From quaint little boutiques to high-end fashion stores, you can find whatever it is you need within a short driving distance. Plus, with only a few minutes drive to downtown Santa Rosa, there's plenty to do and see all year round.

1. Fountaingrove's Thriving Real Estate

Homes for sale in Fountaingrove make up some of the most desirable real estate in the area and once you experience the lifestyle here it's easy to understand why. With its rolling hills, manicured lawns, and majestic views of vineyards and mountains in the distance, this neighborhood is a true paradise.

The properties here span all styles and sizes - from luxury estates and mansions to cozy cottage-style homes. Despite the reputation of being one of the most expensive zip codes in the county, there are still plenty of reasonably priced listings on the market that make living in Fountaingrove a reality.

In 2017, after many homes in the area were devasted by the Tubbs Fire, Fountaingrove began its recovery process by rebuilding and restoring the homes in the neighborhood. Since then, the real estate market has steadily been on an uptrend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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2. The Excellent Education Options


Students who attend school in Fountaingrove can expect to receive an excellent education thanks to the Santa Rosa City Schools District. This district is a combination of two school districts - Santa Rosa Elementary School District and Santa Rosa High School District - which together serve over 16,000 students throughout the city. 

Not only do these schools provide students with an exceptional education but also offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities as well as advanced learning opportunities.

Some of the top schools in and around the Fountaingrove community include:

Hidden Valley Elementary School l 3435 Bonita Vista Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States

Schaefer Elementary School l 1370 San Miguel Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

Santa Rosa Middle School l 500 E St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States

Santa Rosa High School l 1235 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States

Cardinal Newman High School l 4320 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

For those seeking private school options, there are also some highly acclaimed institutions near this community. These schools specialize in faith-based learning and offer a variety of tools and resources for students to grow and succeed.

Two of the most highly regarded private school options in the area include:

St. Luke Lutheran School l 905 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States

St. Rose School l 4300 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

3. The Unparalleled Natural Beauty


One of the first things you'll notice when entering Fountaingrove is its stunning natural beauty. Towering redwood trees, lush green hillsides, and picturesque vineyards are just a few of the sights that make this community so different.

The neighborhood is located next to Fountaingrove Lake and Nagasawa Park both of which provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area while offering a plethora of sightseeing opportunities. Residents flock to the park for biking, jogging, and fishing while the lake is a popular spot for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Although the neighborhood is quite small, its location gives residents easy access to some of the most spectacular natural areas in Sonoma County. Living in a place that is surrounded by pristine nature and majestic views is truly a luxury that not many can experience.

Fountaingrove Santa Rosa vineyard

4. The Amazing Community Amenities


Living in Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to amenities. The centerpiece of the community is an award-winning private golf club, which boasts views that are nothing short of spectacular. In addition to the game itself, members also have access to the fully equipped clubhouse that was rebuilt after the tragic fires in 2017.

Alongside the prestigious golf course, you will find that wineries and tasting rooms are abundant in the area. Residents can take a stroll down the picturesque streets and sample some of the finest wines that Sonoma has to offer.

Plus, with the accessibility to Highway 12 and Interstate 101, residents are just a short drive away from major cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Napa Valley.

Some of the most popular wineries and tasting rooms in the area include:

5. The Positive Community Atmosphere


Inviting, welcoming, and uplifting are the words that come to mind when describing the atmosphere in Fountaingrove. The community's strong sense of unity and togetherness is evident throughout its parks, schools, and businesses. Although the area is lined with stately homes and mansions, the real heart of Fountaingrove lies in its people. Residents here come from all walks of life and have a range of different backgrounds, beliefs, and interests.

Nevertheless, everyone is united under one common goal: to cultivate an environment that is secure, nurturing, and supportive for all who live here. Oftentimes, the neighborhood comes together to host events and activities that help strengthen the ties between its members, such as holiday celebrations, community barbecues, and block parties.

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6. The Delicious Dining Options


Are you someone who likes to try new and exciting dishes? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that Fountaingrove is home to some of the most delicious eateries in the area. From traditional Mexican fare to American comfort, there is something for you to indulge in no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Some of the locals’ favorite restaurants include:

  • Monti's
  • BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
  • The Bird Restaurant
  • Grill Santa Rosa
  • SEA Noodle Bar

7. Must Visit Attractions & Destinations


Just minutes in almost every direction from Fountaingrove lies some of the area's best attractions and destinations. One of the most popular spots is the Children's Museum of Sonoma County, which is fantastic for kids of all ages.

This museum features interactive exhibits that are sure to keep your little ones entertained and engaged. Another must-see attraction is the Charles M. Schulz Museum, which is a whimsical tribute to the beloved cartoonist and his comic strip, Peanuts.

Additional attractions that can be found in and around the Fountaingrove neighborhood include:

8. A Chance To Start Fresh


As mentioned before, in the year 2017, the Fountaingrove community was plagued by a devastating wildfire. Although it dealt a heavy blow to the area, it could not extinguish its spirit and determination. In the wake of this disaster, residents from all over have come together to help rebuild and restore Santa Rosa to its former glory.

Today, Fountaingrove stands strong and proud as a testament to the strength of its people. It is a place where individuals can start a new chapter of their lives and be surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature. Whether you are looking for a place to call home or simply want to explore the area, Fountaingrove is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Fountaingrove Santa Rosa living

Well, there you have it—everything you need to know about Fountaingrove! From its stunning landscape, vibrant atmosphere, and enticing attractions, it’s easy to see why this Sonoma County neighborhood is quickly becoming a go-to destination for many people.

Backed by the strength of its people and committed to preserving the beauty of nature, Fountaingrove is a place that will always be close to the hearts of many. And after learning a little bit more about the community, we hope that you can see why it is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Northern California. 


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