5 Reasons To Live In Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa [2022 Edition]

Rincon Valley is a great neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California, located in Sonoma County. It borders Monte Verde Drive and the Sonoma Highway. Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa is a small community where peace meets tranquility. There are countless reasons to live in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. Before we get into Rincon Valley, here is a bit about the city of Santa Rosa.

Fast Facts - Santa Rosa

Sonoma County (Santa Rosa is located in this county) has approximately 60,000 acres of grape vineyards. Santa Rosa is best known as “Wine Country”.

Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, lived the last half of his life in Santa Rosa, and the city celebrates it with Peanuts-themed art throughout the city!

There are many farmers' markets and spectacular beaches nearby. The area also has an enormous amount of cycling paths and trails, encouraging an active lifestyle.

There are many exciting community events and festivals throughout the year, as well as a ton of museums to explore.

Santa Rosa is a great place to live, more specifically, Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. Below are five reasons to live in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. It’s a great neighborhood and has a lot to offer. 

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1. Weather.


The weather in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa is pleasant and comfortable year-round. The area doesn't receive any snow, and temperatures typically range from 57 F - to 83 F throughout the year. There are dry periods where it's warm without precipitation, typically during the fall and winter months. The pleasant weather makes it even more enjoyable to head outdoors and take in the sunshine. Even the slightly cool season still has pleasant days here and there. Overall, the weather is more often than not, stunning. Locals enjoy warm sunshine and heat daily!

Benefits of living in a warm climate include increased Vitamin D intake, better mood, improved physical health, and better sleep.

2. Employment.


Residents in Rincon Valley Santa Rosa can find employment in a variety of industries. The leading employers include Kaiser Permanente, St. Joseph Health Sonoma County, and Graton Resort and Casino. In addition, Santa Rosa California, is near a few other major cities, making it a great location for commuting. San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, and Fremont are all major cities within a reasonable commute time. 

Weather in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa, CA

3. Food & Drink.


There are plenty of great restaurants to dine in while living in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. The community has plenty of quaint cafes, satisfying steakhouses, intimate lounges, and much more. So, whether you're craving the perfect steak or a booth in a dim-lit restaurant with your date, Rincon Valley Santa Rosa has it. 

Some excellent restaurants to visit in Rincon Valley include Los Molcajetes Bar and GrillRincon Valley Tap Room and Bottle ShopThe Bird Restaurant, and East West Cafe.

4. Nightlife.


While some people like the peaceful nights at home, others thrive on the excitement of a bustling social schedule. Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa, is a great place to live for all walks of life. Its proximity to nightlife opportunities makes it a perfect community for many.

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5. The Wildlife.


There are many exciting wildlife viewing opportunities living in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. You might find a red-spotted toad, California tree frog, or a common chuckwalla in the right spot. There are opportunities to see interesting and uncommon animals throughout Santa Rosa and animal sanctuaries. Safari West is an exciting and captivating animal sanctuary that allows guests to go on a safari right in California. 

Wildlife in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa, CA

Safari West

Visiting Safari West will be one of your favorite past times once you live in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. It is an incredible place with a focus on conservation and education. A few animals guests can see are antelope, bongo, cheetahs, cranes, various duck species, flamingos, and much more. Safari West is a busy, bustling place with a huge emphasis on a love for the animals.

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It's easy to see how living in Rincon Valley Santa Rosa would be comfortable, cozy, and enjoyable. Its perfect location allows for easy travel and commuting, while its peaceful streets allow for more serene moments. The scenery around the valley is spectacular, and everything in the neighborhood is beautiful. Rincon Valley Santa Rosa is bursting with opportunities for all walks of life. It offers plenty of recreation and amenities. In addition, it's also exciting with opportunities for fun for everyone. Whether you enjoy long, slow walks on the beach, loud dance clubs, or cozy coffee shops (or all of the above) Rincon Valley is the place where residents find it all. Potential homebuyers looking in Rincon Valley Santa Rosa will be delighted with the diverse real estate market, the education system, the shopping opportunities, and much more!

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