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Set on the banks of the Petaluma River, in the heart of wine county in California, West Petaluma is the perfect place to call home. Look no further for your new destination, West Petaluma has everything from incredible weather, stunning views, and renowned food. It’s filled with stunning parks, beautifully manicured streets, and overall gorgeous California sights, and truly a place with great visuals and flavors that abound. 

You must taste the wines, olive oils, and incredible food yourself to truly understand why it's worth the move, but until you can, here are six reasons why you should make this place your home today. 

1. Lovely Climate, Lovely People


Jump at the chance to experience West Petaluma’s beautiful weather and friendly neighbors! With the average temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 80 degrees and typically sunny most of the year, the weather is, quite simply, perfect. 

You’ll never have to worry about snow. Mild winters, and moderate summers, are ideal for outdoor cooking and getting to know the people who live nearby. This city is known for its friendly, chill atmosphere for work and living. Come get to know the people who make West Petaluma so gorgeous!

2. Best of Both Worlds


Get the best of both worlds, living that outdoorsy lifestyle without losing the amenities of the city. Plenty of things to do both inside and out, with hiking, many trails and pathways to explore, and a huge selection of boutiques, restaurants, and museums to check out in the beautiful historic downtown. There’s nothing stopping you from living your best life whether you prefer camping out in the wilderness or getting brunch with your friends at the trendiest places to eat. 

Most of the people living there know that the best way to spend your days is outside! Whether you are foraging at Green String Farm, visiting McEvoy Ranch to taste award-winning olive oils, or visiting the animals at the Sonoma County Wildlife Refuge, you’ll always have something to do. 

If you want to learn about the local history, take a trip down Main Street. Called “The West’s Best Main Street,” by Sunset Magazine, you’ll stroll through adorable bungalows, boutiques, and a multitude of restaurants. Known for its highly walkable downtown area, you can explore everywhere and look at the many original buildings that make up the city. Like architecture? Make sure you check out the largest collection of original Victorian homes in the county, where you’ll see the stunning works of many well-known architects. 

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3. Ideal Family Location 


Looking for a great school district? Once again, West Petaluma is the place to be. The schools are highly rated, and the food available in the area is delectable. The local organic ranches in the nearby areas use the fertile soil and moderate climate to create fresh, local produce perfect for your cherished family to nourish their bodies and minds. 

With a great school district, healthy food, and friendly neighbors, West Petaluma is a favorite among parents. Don’t wait to make it your home, its got all the amenities you need. 

4. Extremely Pet Friendly


No need to worry about your beloved furry family members, this area is incredibly pet friendly. Take them on a walk downtown, and even bring them in when you stop for lunch or coffee! Most places are open to your fur babies, and a with downtown so walkable and friendly, why wouldn’t you bring your favorite pet with you everywhere you go? 

It even has its own pet thrift store, Great Stuff Thrift Store for Petaluma Pet Pals! Take man’s best friend out and about to get their own unique foods, clothes, and toys from the many pet shops in the downtown area. Your pet will love the outfits and fresh food available to them, truly showing your pets that they are a part of the family. 

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5. Farm-to-Table Eating


Love food? Care about what you put into your body? West Petaluma is the place to be. Farm to table isn’t just a saying here, it's a lifestyle. With a plethora of ranches and farms in the near area, you can eat to the fullest knowing you’re putting the best food in your system. Whether you make your food at home or prefer to eat out, there are tons of options available to you. 

So many cuisines are here, from Vietnamese to Italian giving you and your family a way to eat yourselves around the world without leaving the comfort of your own city! Try a great breakfast at Sax’s Joint, walk around to check out Petaluma Wildlife Museum and Shollenberger Park, then make your way to the famous Wild Goat Bistro for dinner. You’ll never run out of things to do in this town, or things to eat. 

6. Historic Importance


It’s hard to find a city that cares more about its history than Petaluma. Originally a river town, known for its bustling egg dairy and produce industry, Petaluma got its start during the Gold Rush. From its fertile soil, it helped feed the up-and-coming cities of Oakland and San Francisco, slowly turning into the foodie town it's famous for today. 

Petaluma was founded in 1858, making it one of California’s oldest cities, and it still stands tall today. It’s a must to visit the many museums to learn more about American history, a perfect activity for one of those rare rainy days. Petaluma Historical Library and Museum showcases the history of the town and has guided tours to make sure you don’t miss anything good. 

West Petaluma has many great things to offer, and even more for you and your family to discover. It’s a laid-back, welcoming environment perfect for the city dweller and outdoors folks alike, making it one of the best places to call home. Whether you want to hike through the wetlands or enjoy a coffee and pastry while working in one of the several careers that make West Petaluma so great, you’ll be right at home.  And of course, you can’t miss out on the views! 

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